A mini festival of water across Reading, curated by Amy Sharrocks

11 June

Reading is a glorious confluence of water, with the River Thames, River Kennet and the Kennet & Avon canal. As part of Reading Year of Culture a witty and thought-provoking group of live artworks and interventions will take place across the town to celebrate the real life of Reading and make space to imagine the city it is becoming.  Do Rivers Dream of Oceans? is part of WaterFest.

All events are free, turn up on the day.

Reading Water by Anne Bean

In 1969 Anne Bean began a Fine Art course at Reading University. This is a personal as well as a public work.

Forbury Bridge – 11-30 June

a message to you by plan b

In a message to you, plan b (Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers) spend several hours shouting their unedited text messages of the last year.  Passion and despair mingles with the profound banality of the everyday.

The Oracle – 12-3pm 


Drifting by Amy Sharrocks

Two boats will be available all day for 15 minute drifts on the canal, on your own or with friends.

Chestnut Walk  – 11-4pm

Water Workshops

Transform the Forbury Bandstand into a wild underwater scene. In association with Jelly and Reading Museum. For under 6s, and for 7 & over

Forbury Gardens – 12-4pm

Water fights

Carefully age bracketed, and with stewards to ensure fair play, we are providing foam water blasters, hundreds of water balloons and a lot of water for some fun in Forbury Gardens. For children of all agesunder 5s, 6-11, 12 and over. Please bring your own dry clothes and towels.

Forbury Gardens – 3pm

About Amy Sharrocks

Amy Sharrocks is a live artist, sculptor and film-maker. For 10 years she has made work about people and water.

www.museumofwater.co.uk / www.iwanttoswim.co.uk

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