To celebrate 70 years of the special relationship between Reading and Düsseldorf, some of the German city’s finest artists will be coming to Reading to perform during Reading Fringe Festival this July.

Reading and Dusselfdorf have had close links since 1947, just after the end of the Second World War and it is probably the oldest relationship between British and German cities.

There is a really exiting programme of events happening at this year’s Festival. Organised by the Reading Düsseldorf Association, in partnership with Reading Fringe Festival, the milestone anniversary performances will include:

  • Aberrations – Indie Rock
  • Arturo Castro – Classical Guitarist
  • Ben J. Riepe – Contemporary Dance
  • Creeps – Creeps – Electronica
  • Emil Schult – Multi-Media Artist
  • Henry Storch – Unique Record Label Founder and DJ
  • Love Machine – Psychedelic Rock
  • Professor Joaquin Clerch – Classical Guitarist
  • Stabil Elite – Electronica
  • Linda Hergarten – Soprano

More information on the programme>>>