The Building Reading-on-Thames LEGO® Brick Big Build

Broad Street Mall, 16 & 17 September 2017

As part of the first-ever Reading-on-Thames Festival, Broad Street Mall will be hosting a free, interactive LEGO® brick building extravaganza. LEGO® fans of all ages are invited to help construct the largest LEGO® brick scale model of the Thames in Reading.

On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September, Broad Street Mall’s central courtyard will be transformed into a 14 metre-long meandering stretch of The Thames in Reading. Local LEGO® brick model-building company, Brick Galleria, will be on hand to help the LEGO® enthusiasts build brick models to add to the river, from houses and bridges to boats, famous Reading landmarks or whatever takes their fancy!

This is the first time that a long stretch of Reading-on-Thames has been created in LEGO® bricks on this scale. LEGO® Brick Artist, Kevin Hall, is constructing the base model of the Thames flowing through Reading. All LEGO® brick fans are invited to help to add in the detail, based on reality or their imaginations.

Graham Mountford, General Manager of Broad Street Mall, said:  “Broad Street Mall is delighted to be hosting one of the main family-friendly events of the first ever Reading-on-Thames Festival. Building with LEGO® bricks brings so much joy to children so we have teamed up with Brick Galleria to create an awesome brick building event – creating a stretch of Reading’s very own River Thames. Come along to help us build an awesome LEGO® brick model of The Thames – we will have thousands of LEGO® bricks available and the event is free to attend.”

Brick Galleria was created by LEGO® Brick Artist and designer, Kevin Hall, combining around thirty years of graphic design and building with LEGO® bricks to produce amazing and unique LEGO® creations. Kevin travels the world creating amazing sculptures, from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast castle to the largest LEGO® brick flag in the world. For Building Reading on Thames LEGO® Brick Big Build, he will be creating a special LEGO® Reading Bus sponsored by Reading Buses that can be won at Broad Street Mall.

Building Reading on Thames LEGO® Brick Big Build is part of the first ever Reading-on-Thames Festival which takes place from 9-17 September. The Festival features spectacular events on The Thames and Kennet, with a whole host of family friendly events inspired by Reading’s waterways, including Playground Victories comic theatre on Broad Street (9 & 10 September), Abbey on Wheels at Caversham Court Garden (16 September) and a multi-sensory spectacle of poetry, music, fire and pyrotechnics to light up the River Thames on the evening of 16 September, River Stories, at Caversham Court Gardens.

Building Reading on Thames LEGO® Brick Big Build is for everyone four years and above. It is free to attend and is open Saturday 16 September (9am – 5:30pm) and Sunday 17 September (10am – 4:30pm).

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