On Saturday 15 September 2018, The Midnight Run will take place across Reading, as part of the Reading on Thames Festival.

Founded in 2005 by poet and playwright Inua Ellams (Barber Shop Chronicles, National Theatre), The Midnight Run (MNR) is a 6 hour urban walking experience, that will take participants across Reading on a night-time cultural journey through Reading’s urban, hidden, and waterside spaces. Participants are encouraged to explore, play and create whilst the town sleeps.

As part of the event, the MNR team is looking for local artists and facilitators to lead some of the experiential components of the walk. There are four commissions available. Please note you will be expected to accompany the 6 hour walk, running from 6pm to midnight.


1. Documenter and workshop facilitator (Photographer)
Brief: to take photos throughout the walk, of participants and artists. To also run a 20-30 minute workshop during the walk.
Fee: £400

2. Singing workshop facilitator (Musician or singer)
Brief: to run a 20-30 minute singing workshop with people who are not usually singers (suggested content is simple melodies or rounds).
Fee: £200

3. Visual art workshop facilitator (Visual artist)
Role: to lead a 20-30 minute workshop using minimal equipment (chalk, pens or pencils, paper of any size, but no paint). Please note materials will be provided by MNR, after consultation with the artist.
Fee: £200

4. Performance workshop facilitator (performance artist / actor or theatre / drama professional)
Role: to run a 20-30 minute workshop that encourages physical or verbal expression.
Fee: £200

Please note that appointed artists will need to be available for the full 6 hours of the event and be available to meet with the MNR lead in Reading on 10th August.

Deadline for responses: 5pm Friday 2rd August 2018
Meeting with MNR lead: Friday 10th August (in Reading)
Event date: Saturday 15th September, 6pm to midnight

Please send a short brief detailing which role you are applying for, your relevant experience and contact details by the deadline to: Steph Weller (Festival Producer) producer@readingthamesfestival.co.uk