Wednesday 5 – Sunday 16 September, 10AM – 6PM

Turbine House, Riverside Museum, Blake’s Lock, Kenavon Drive, Reading, RG1 3DH

Free entry

Michael Garaway combines observations of the local urban landscape with abstract geometry and pattern, and a sensitive handling of colour and tone. His acrylic and watercolour pieces are based on preparations that include sketches, photography and digital layout. He has made new works for this exhibition that refer to features in and around the Turbine House.

Lynda South observes changes in the landscape, that occur in the move towards sustainable forms of energy, such as gasometers being decommissioned and cooling towers being demolished. By using solar power in her cyanotypes (sun-prints), she finds a strong connection between subject matter and process. Her work references the traditional use of cyanotypes for recording flora, and thus captures the intricacies of natural forms to provide a contrast to man-made powerhouses.

Both artists will be present during the exhibition to speak with visitors, and explain or demonstrate some of their methods and materials.