Riverside Museum (Turbine Room)

Kenavon Dr, Reading RG1 3DH

10AM-6PM every day

RURAL WORLDS: These films take us into forests, country houses, alongside rivers, and onto the moors, to show us life in the countryside in a series of documentary and experimental short films. Mostly shot on 16mm and super-8 celluloid, these films give us a nostalgic sense of the past through the imagery on screen, reminding us of long lost trips and distant summer days.


Film Listing:

HOUSE AWAKENING (Florence Kennard)

Captures the rhythmic and enchanting behind-the-scenes processes at a rural, Norfolk-based National Trust property. Felbrigg Hall is in a state of limbo during its final moments of winter sleep, before the all-female house team begin the preparations for the 2017 opening to the public.

Running time: 10 minutes


A Cornishman’s travels in Ireland, through Wexford, Waterford and Cork in search of the familiar.

Running time: 6 minutes


FLOOD (Susu Laroche)

Cheers to the flood that took everything away.

Running time: 4 minutes



About a pilgrimage that took place by the River Thames. As part of this journey, Celia Hay and Anne Vimeux walked from the Thames’ spring to its mouth.

Running time: 3 minutes




Made in the weird morning dew in an unearthly dawn interlude after the Perseids meteor shower, Dartmoor, 2017, near Combshead Tor.

Running time: 4 minutes


31 DAYS (Stuart Moore)

A triptych of film moments re-creates memories from a collection of thirty one clips, one selected each day during March 2016 from the artist’s personal Super 8 archive.

Running time: 4 minutes


SORAMIMI (Daisy Dickinson / Julia Laird)

Taping in to the rhythms of the forest. Channeling the positive and negative energies through the red and blue masks and eventually creating an abstract piece of ritualistic occurrence.

Running time: 4 minutes 



An isolated hermit, living off the radar in the centre of London, goes about his mysterious daily routine. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders as he tries to make sense of the unthinkable, mend what’s been broken and give life to the dead.

Running time: 8 minutes

FOR REST (Shinya Isobe)

A feast is laid out on a table nestled among the roots of a tree in a forest. In a 16mm time-lapse the food gradually rots. Watching this time pass, our imagination conjures images of various things, including death, and spins its own tales until eventually, as the table becomes a mound of grass and new shoots begin to grow.

Running time: 17 minutes