South Street Arts

21 South Street, Reading, RG1 4QU 

10AM-6PM Monday to Saturdays

LET’S FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE: The short films here bring together contemporary dance, performance and music, to give a fascinating, creative and entertaining programme.

Film makers; Harry Cauty, Anne Verheij, Andrew Margetson, Patrick Taylor, Sophie Littman, Jola Kudela, Seth Pimlott, Stella Scott, Michael Mante, Shola Amoo, Andy Sowerby, Ben Witt


Film Listing:


Reflecting on a time when women were considered to have a mental illness for expressing themselves creatively through dance, this film explores vulnerability, delusion and insanity, combined with passion, artistry and beauty.

Running time: 4 minutes




We find ourselves up close with a dancer on screen, so close it is almost uncomfortable. Are we allowed to possess her with our eyes, seize her with our touch, listen to the sound of her?

Running time: 4 minutes


DUET (Andrew Margetson)

Two young dancers from the Royal Ballet talk about what it is to be a woman in the ballet world and perform an all-female pas-de-deux.

Running time: 5 minutes


KISS (TWO) (Patrick Taylor)

Deals with the themes of anxiety and release, whether its depression, addiction or bereavement, its effects can be debilitating. Yet what remains is an universal desire to make peace with yourself, and the world around you.

Running time: 5 minutes





A group of kids assemble for an after school orchestra, however the way their dynamics play out is not how we’d initially expect. Exploring intereactions and gestures, the film watches as a young girl tries to navigate this, sometimes nightmarish, microcosm.

Running time: 5 minutes


TRAINS (Jola Kudela)

Everything is a form of vibration. One needs to hear it and transform it into music. The world is a piano and the piano is the world. The musician becomes the creator of the world.

Running time: 5 minutes


SEASON OF DOUBT (Seth Pimlott)

Made in collaboration with Ladan Hussein from the band Cold Specks. We wanted to respond to the events that were playing out at the time in Ferguson, USA. Shot on 16mm, using techniques of masking and in-camera collage, the video merges a dissolving portrait of Ladan with footage of the protests shot on mobile phones.

Running time: 4 minutes


REVERIE (Stella Scott)

Captures the consciousness of youth. The film explores the thoughts and feelings of young Londoners and reveals a world of fragile dreams, undefined by daily reality.

Running time: 5 minutes


BODY LANGUAGE (Michael Mante)

A krump dancer performs inside a degraded house in this surreal art exploration of classism, racism and self image.

Running time: 4 minutes




An exploration of Shakespeare’s intentions when writing Othello, exploring the play’s racial themes in a historical and contemporary setting and drawing wider parallels between immigration and blackness in the UK today.

Running time: 6 minutes



A man gets chased by a scribble.

Running time: 4 minutes



In a world where dancing is compulsory, one man protests.

Running time: 4 minutes